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October 6, 2012
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Sweater Weather Stamp by Kezzi-Rose Sweater Weather Stamp by Kezzi-Rose
Welcome back, sweater weather!

Autumn is the time to snuggle up in cosy knits with hot drinks, and enjoy the sight of drifting golden leaves. ♥

Autumn Sweater Avatar by Kezzi-Rose

Add it to your page! Just copy the Thumb Code (found under 'Details' down the right-hand side) and paste it into your Journal, ID Description, Custom Module, etc. You don't have to be subscribed. Thanks to everyone who shares it! :la:

:whisper: Psst.. remember to check out the rest of my stamp collection; there's guaranteed to be more you like!
Find me on: tumblr
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Eranthiss Featured By Owner Jul 8, 2014  New member Hobbyist Digital Artist
Kezzi-Rose Featured By Owner Jul 8, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you! :love:
SnowFlakeDrop Featured By Owner Mar 30, 2014  Student Digital Artist
using! c:
Kezzi-Rose Featured By Owner Apr 8, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Awesome, thanks! c:
SnowFlakeDrop Featured By Owner Apr 9, 2014  Student Digital Artist
np ;)
tea-cup-duck Featured By Owner Dec 29, 2013  Hobbyist
oooooo nothing quite like a mug of tea/hot cocoa sat by a toasty fire/radiator with your christmas jumper on! I have some lovely matching boots from christmas as well ♥ I simply adore christmas and winter! 
Kezzi-Rose Featured By Owner Dec 29, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
I agree! ♥ Ooh, are they those nice soft slipper boots?
How was your Christmas Ducky? c:
tea-cup-duck Featured By Owner Dec 30, 2013  Hobbyist
yes they are he he! Rather cosy too :la: my christmas was lovely thank you, it rained quite a bit but that's fine {I love rain!!} and this year I was lucky enough to get some gorgeous vintage presents ♥
How was your Christmas? 
Kezzi-Rose Featured By Owner Dec 31, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Oooh they sound lovely! :eager: So glad you had a nice Christmas, what vintage things did you get? c:
It's rained loads here too - woke up this morning to another rain storm, how does the sky have any left in it after the last couple of weeks?! o:
Mine was lovely and relaxing thanks, got loads of baking stuff so I can make some yummy treats and a new compact digicam to replace my broken one! Saw loads of family in the surrounding days and watched my dad and uncles play guitar and sing at the pub, which is always fun c:
Are you doing much for New Year's tonight/tomorrow? Can't believe it's already going to be 2014! ♥
tea-cup-duck Featured By Owner Dec 31, 2013  Hobbyist
I won't bore you forever with vintage presents so i'll just tell you some of the highlights he he I got a rather lovely book called Coming up roses, it's the autobiography of Cath Kidston,it came in a case and had even been signed which was quite a nice surprise! I also got some vintage cupcake cases to go with a CK apron (polka dots of course he he) and one of my favourites was a beautiful leather bag, a sort of navy blue colour with white polka dots from guess who (ck) although i'm not completely brand nuts and am happy with anything branded or not branded its mainly the modern vintage feel I love not just the label he he! hate to be an annoying advertiser,but they have a sale on now :) 25% off quite a bit of stock including that leather bag he he although you probably know this already?? Ooooooo I love baking! You must take a couple of snap shots if you ever get the chance (yay what a great use of your new camera! :meow:) ha ha karaoke or gig? I can imagine that being great fun! oh I know it comes around so fast i'm almost freaked out by how quickly time passes,i'll be seeing some friends but I think it's going to be a quite low key dinner party type thing,what about you? Hope you have a lovely new year :Meow: ~Ducky

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